Replacement for Tamrock 69008886 Hydraulic Filter Element


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Direct replacement for Tamrock 69008886 hydraulic filter element in form, fit, and function. Made in America with ISO 9001:2015 compliant manufacturing for assured quality. Optimized microglass media is used for fine filtration, long life, and high dirt-holding capacity.

  • 3.09″ OD x 1.72″ ID Top x 8.22″ Length overall
  • 6 Micron; Beta 6 = 1000 per ISO 16889
  • 300 PSID Collapse
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I.D. Top


I.D. Bottom


Length Overall


Construction Type

Optimized Microglass, Single Open End


6 Micron; Beta 6 = 1000 per ISO 16889

Gasket Material


Wire Support


Max Operating Pressure

300 PSID Collapse

Max Temp

250 Degress F

Weight Each


Carton Qty




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Exploring the Advantages of Omega Filtration’s Tamrock 69008886 Replacement Hydraulic Filter

In the realm of hydraulic filtration, Omega Filtration’s Tamrock 69008886 replacement hydraulic filter stands out as a reliable and efficient solution. Designed to perfectly match the form, fit, and function of the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) filter, this quality replacement option ensures seamless integration into existing systems while delivering comparable or even superior performance.

Made in the USA

Manufactured in the USA, Omega Filtration’s Tamrock 69008886 replacement filter is a product of high-quality filtration media backed by extensive testing and adherence to ISO/SAE test protocols. Its filtration media undergoes rigorous ISO 16889 multi-pass testing, guaranteeing optimal performance in various operating conditions. The filter’s production takes place in an ISO Compliant manufacturing facility, ensuring consistency, quality control, and adherence to design specifications. This commitment to quality translates into a filtration solution that is dependable, stable, and efficient.

Optimized Media

The Tamrock 69008886 replacement hydraulic filter features optimized microglass media, which enables precise and efficient fine filtration. Just like the OEM filter it replaces, this advanced microglass media design ensures a high dirt-holding capacity, effectively trapping and removing contaminants from hydraulic fluids. Additionally, Omega Filtration’s Tamrock 69008886 replacement’s pleat design minimizes the initial pressure drop, leading to extended periods of efficient filtration before reaching the change-out pressure drop, typically set at 25 PSID. The result is a hydraulic system that remains cleaner for longer, reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring smooth operation.


One of the standout features of Omega Filtration’s Tamrock 69008886 replacement filter is its outstanding beta rating. With 6 Micron; Beta 6 = 1000 per ISO 16889 the filter boasts remarkable efficiency in particle removal. In practical terms, for every 1000 particles of a specific size in the fluid, only one particle, on average, will pass through the filter. This translates to an impressive filtration efficiency rating of 99.9%. With such exceptional filtration capabilities, the filter contributes to enhanced system performance, reduced wear and tear, and improved overall reliability.


Safety is a paramount consideration when it comes to hydraulic filtration, and the Tamrock 69008886 replacement filter addresses this concern effectively. Featuring a 300 PSID Collapse pressure, the filter can withstand significant pressure build-up even under complete clogging conditions without compromising its structural integrity. This safeguards against potential filter collapse and ensures that downstream components remain protected from contamination risks. However, it is advisable to employ a satisfactory safety factor to maintain peak performance and ensure an extra margin of safety.


The versatility of Omega Filtration’s Tamrock 69008886 replacement hydraulic filter extends to its compatibility with various fluids. From hydraulic and machining fluids to diesel and other fuels, lubricating oils, synthetic lubricants, turbine and compressor lube oils, and more, the filter caters to a broad range of applications. Users can expect reliable filtration performance across different fluid types, making it a versatile and dependable choice for diverse industries and applications.

Direct Cross

It is crucial to note that while Omega Filtration’s Tamrock 69008886 replacement hydraulic filter serves as an excellent substitute for the original Tamrock 69008886 filter, it is an independently manufactured product and is not directly affiliated with the OEM or Brand mentioned. The use of part numbers and names is purely for cross-reference purposes, assuring customers that the replacement filter is a reliable alternative.


In conclusion, the Tamrock 69008886 replacement hydraulic filter offers numerous advantages in hydraulic filtration applications. With its precision-crafted design, quality filtration media, exceptional efficiency, and versatile compatibility, the replacement filter provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for maintaining clean hydraulic systems. Whether in industrial, automotive, or other hydraulic applications, Omega Filtration’s Tamrock 69008886 replacement filter delivers optimal performance, contributing to improved system reliability and longevity.

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